Stone Crab


Medium ~ 6-7 claws /lb
Large ~ 4-5 claws /lb
Jumbo ~ 3 claws /lb
Colossal ~ 2 claws /lb


Stone crab season is October 15th-May 1st. All stone crab claws are pre-cooked and ready to eat when they are delivered to your door. Just crack the claws, dip and eat! Stone Crab Claws can be enjoyed chilled or reheated. Pairs well with Cows Rule Mustard Dipping sauce. During the off season, stone crab claws will be shipped frozen.


 How to crack:

Holding a butter knife by the blade end in your dominate hand and a towel under a Stone Crab Claw in your other, use a whipping motion to hit the claw and knuckles with the handle of the butter knife. Be sure to not over crack the claw as small shards of the shell may get buried in the meat. 

Peel away the pieces of shell to expose the highly sought after Stone Crab meat! Dip in butter or Cows Rule Mustard Dipping sauce and enjoy!

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